Pictured from left:  Christopher Trendler,  Jonathan Yeager,  Adam Ozimek 

 Pictured from left:  Christopher Trendler,  Jonathan Yeager,  Adam Ozimek 

Joycat is an events company that strategically plans, manages, markets, and runs unique events. The company was founded in 2012 by three friends looking for a way to combine their creative energies and talents to make great things together. 

Each partner brings unique experience and skills to the company:

Jonathan Yeager is an artist and an entrepreneur. He has been an independent illustrator, designer, painter and musician for the past decade. He founded and continues to run a successful design and illustration studio, Wonderhead Collective and has worked with clients such as Nike, Adidas, Subway and Intel. In addition, he is an instructor at the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design. Jonathan brings his creative vision, marketing, design, and other artistic talents to Joycat, and helps ensure a coherent and attractive aesthetic throughout all aspects of the event.

Christopher Trendler has had a long and successful career in the restaurant and service industry. He has served in a variety of management positions in successful high-end restaurants and currently is Director of Beverage and Culinary Services for Willow Valley Communities. In 2009 he became the youngest person ever to be certified as a sommelier in the state of Pennsylvania. Chris brings to Joycat a deep understanding of customer service, and experience in managing people, creating an ambience, pairing food and drinks, and a variety of other commonalities between running a restaurant and running an event. 

Dr. Adam Ozimek is Director of Research and Senior Economist at an economics consulting company located in West Chester, Pa. His professional work has included forecasting, business and real estate valuation, and market demand analysis. In addition, he writes business and economic commentary for Forbes; has been quoted by the Atlantic, The Economist, the National Journal, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and a variety of other media outlets; and was selected as one of TIME's 140 best twitter feeds of 2012. Adam brings to Joycat a keen business sense, and his abilities as a professional writer and media contributor to communicate Joycat's creative ideas in a clear and engaging fashion.  

What all three partners share is what brought them together: a constant flow of innovative ideas, a passion for finding new and fun business opportunities, and a desire to bring people together to have a good time. Let's brainstorm together...

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